She might just be…

Arthur Russell – Love Is Overtaking Me


There can be many ways to compose a perfect love song.


This is so different now…

But it’s just the way i feel.


Love has overtaken me. I think what Arthur Russell evokes in this simple phrase is a loss of control. We never feel threatened as beings by influences that we consider to have under our control. I believe that over our time, many different factors of our lifestyle such as our jobs, the places we call home and even the drink we choose to have as our remedy when bathing in our own thoughts, can bend us into becoming echoes of our true self. To be able to realise ourselves as different from an earlier self is what this song preaches to me. In Arthur Russell’s lyrics the protagonist is love. Love is constantly changing, from person to person, always in a state of myopic flux. We never really understand it, but it’s just the way we feel.



Old Goriot

“However heavy the clay of which a man is made, as soon as he gives utterance to a deep and true affection there flows from him an ethereal fluid which modifies the aspect of his face, gives life to his gesture and colour to his voice.”

Honore de Balzac